We take safety seriously and always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. Each project and contract is the subject of an in-house team planning meeting, reviewed by a member of the Operational Supervisors’ Department, and presided over by Totran’s Director of Safety.

Totran’s emphasis on safety is reflected in all our loading, unloading and transport, which are always provided with contracted safety personnel and pilot cars. Our Director of Safety works with clients and our experienced staff to ensure that our rigorous safety policies are properly implemented. Route planning and clearance are used to back up this safety measure, team leads and members conduct any necessary daily safety meetings, monitor the ongoing safety requirements of the loading and transport processes, and report as required. Finally, we employ a separate independent consultant to advise us of new developments and legal requirements in safety policy and law. We then incorporate and update new developments into our own safety policy. Totran aims to meet, and when possible, exceed industry and our clients’ safety standards.


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